Emergency Dentistry


It is important to take a few precautionary steps in trying to protect a dislodged tooth so there is a chance it can be reinserted by an emergency dentist. Here are some tips a patient can use in an attempt to save a permanent tooth that had fallen out.

Wash The Tooth To Remove Debris

The tooth should only be handled on the crown portion. This is necessary so the roots are not damaged in any way. The patient should make sure to close the sink drain they are using and rinse the tooth to remove any debris that may have settled upon it as a result of falling on the ground or floor.

Attempt To Reinsert The Tooth

If the tooth can be placed back into the empty socket, the patient can hold it in place with their tongue until they arrive at Planes Dental Arts. It is important to make sure the tooth is positioned in the same manner as before it had fallen out of the mouth. The root portion of the tooth should be tucked into the socket in its entirety.

Place The Tooth In Liquid

In some instances, the tooth will not be able to be pushed back into the socket without pain. In this case, the patient will want to place the tooth in milk to keep the roots from drying out while in transit to Planes Dental Arts. The patient should avoid placing the tooth in water as minerals may be present which could cause harm to the roots. If milk is not obtainable, the patient can place the tooth between their inner cheek and teeth to help keep the tooth moist. A tooth that had fallen out should never be placed in a napkin or paper towel as the cellulose in these materials will damage the tooth’s roots.

Get To A Dental Facility Right Away

Patients in Vero Beach, FL should waste no time and contact Dr. Alex Planes of Planes Dental Arts right away. If they are able to get assistance within an hour, there is a chance of saving the tooth. However, if too much time had passed, Dr. Planes would be available to discuss other options in replacing the tooth. It is a good idea to give Planes Dental Arts a call to alert them of the emergency.