General Dentistry

Do you need a nightguard?

One of the most common issues we see patients suffering from is bruxism. That’s nighttime grinding and clenching of the jaw. The interesting thing about bruxism is that most people don’t even realize they suffer from it until more advanced symptoms begin to make an appearance. Early treatment of bruxism can save you time, money, […]

Emergency Dentistry

It is important to take a few precautionary steps in trying to protect a dislodged tooth so there is a chance it can be reinserted by an emergency dentist. Here are some tips a patient can use in an attempt to save a permanent tooth that had fallen out. Wash The Tooth To Remove Debris […]

Never Fear, Dental Implants are Here

Create Natural Looking Smiles It is easy to underestimate the power of a confident smile. Broken or discolored front teeth cause many people to shy away from smiling in social interactions. For many people, advanced tooth decay results in tooth loss, while for others it may be the result of an injury. Missing or unhealthy […]