Keep Your Gums Healthy With Gum Disease & Periodontal Care

At Planes Dental Arts in Vero Beach, our team of dental experts is here to provide you with the diligent gum-related care you need and deserve. We understand that gum disease is a serious problem that can lead to tooth loss and other health complications, which is why we provide services that help protect your smile.

What is gum disease/periodontitis and how does it affect oral health?

Gum disease, or periodontitis, is an infection of the gums. It’s caused by bacteria from plaque buildup and can lead to inflammation in the gum tissue. Left untreated, it can cause tooth loss and receding gums. In a worst-case scenario, gum disease may even lead to systemic issues like heart disease.

Who can benefit from gum/disease periodontal services?

Anyone who has signs of gum disease, or is at risk for developing it, should consider periodontal care. This includes people with diabetes and other conditions that can make them more susceptible to infection. Smokers may also benefit from having their gums monitored regularly, as smoking can lead to an increased risk of gum disease.

What services are part of periodontal care?

At Planes Dental Arts, we offer a comprehensive range of treatments to help you maintain healthy gums and teeth. We start with a thorough examination and use specialized tools to measure the health of your gums. Then our team works with you to create a personalized plan that includes preventive measures like regular teeth cleanings, the use of dental products like antibacterial mouthwashes, and daily flossing to reduce plaque buildup. We may also recommend prescription medications or laser therapy for more advanced cases.

Gum disease can be serious and lead to many long-term health issues. If you suspect you have this condition, our team would be happy to develop an individualized plan that is tailored to your needs. Call us today!

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